Grace Parziale



Grace Parziale is a passionate designer focused on UX/UI, branding, and package design. In combination with strategic type treatments, she often intertwines her illustrations and hand-lettering into various work while making it a priority to stay true to the client. Throughout her life, she has dabbled working with code and motion graphics, and is consistently strives to grow. She connects to her work and clients and believes in collaboration, compassion, and making a positive impact on the world.

As a commissioned illustrator, Grace has created illustration and hand-lettering projects for businesses and personal clients. She has drawn and painted everything from business storefronts and landmarks to wedding venues and homes. Check out her illustration work here and get in contact to see your favorite place on paper.

For permanent position inquiries & freelance work, get in touch at


The Woman Behind The Work

Outside of work, I love to run, go backpacking, experiment in the kitchen, and transform thrifted items. I have always been an extremely hard worker and have a tendency to say everything that’s running through my scattered brain. You will most often find me crawled up with a sketchbook or looking for my next travel opportunity.

Raised in Southern California and the Bay Area, I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest while I complete a BA in Graphic Design from Western Washington University. Catch me living in Seattle, WA starting August 2019.